The new trends in home design are directly related to the hot colors for 2010. (More from my class with Margi Kyle.)  Since the grays and browns, achromatic, neutral colors found in nature, continue to be popular, look for natural simplicity also in line and pattern.  Raw, untreated, unbleached, make-do, basic and minimalist are some of the buzzwords for the upcoming year.  Trends are a reflection of the world around us, and with the economy as it is, doesn’t the “less is more” attitude make sense?  In keeping with the back to basics feel, expect to see an emphasis on slower living, natural lighting, multi-functional furniture and texture as mirrored in nature (twigs, leaves, flowers).  Classic items will return with updated twists. Popular patterns will be dots, honeycomb, puzzle pieces, and origami motifs.  Again, simple patterns, much like the graphic patterns of the 60’s. So yes, “Retro” is back, with some of the brighter colors and cheeriness that is needed in these down times. Pearls will be the embellishment of 2010, especially in holiday décor and window treatment ornamentation.  And for all you “seasoned” folks out there, flocked wallpaper is back.  (Sorry folks, but I put this in the same category as mauve.) Which of these trends for 2010 do you look forward to?