The discomfort of a sweltering summer night can not only cause excessive sweating but sleepless nights due to the rise in body temperature. The body naturally lowers its temperature at night to redistribute energy use to heal, rejuvenate, and recharge the body. Cooling off at night becomes an essential part of getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep. A little planning goes a long way to help cool the home and keep the bedroom comfortable at night. The key to many cooling methods is to keep the air moving.

Open the Windows and Doors

Once the temperatures start to drop in the evening, you should open those windows and doors. Be sure all doors and windows are covered with screens before opening to prevent unwanted insect visitors from coming in. A gentle breeze can get the air moving so that it can evaporate the moisture on the skin and cool the body. Studies have shown that the extra ventilation from open doors and windows improves sleep quality and reduces night waking.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans get air circulating through the room and usually have several speed settings and offer extra lighting. While some people might balk at a ceiling fan, aesthetically they’ve come a long way since the days of faux wood and brass. Designs now range from industrial propellers to wooden palm frond blades. Additionally, ceiling fans can serve a dual purpose. Models that spin in both directions allow you to pull cool air up from the floor or press warm air from the ceiling down to the ground, which gives you an extra ventilation option in both the summer and winter.

Box Fans

Box fans should come as no surprise. However, they can be used in more than one way. Traditionally, they’re placed in the window to help bring in fresh air from the outside. However, they can be turned around, so they push warm air out of the house as well. When strategically placed, a box fan used in conjunction with open windows and doors can quickly move more air through the home, cooling it faster.

Cooling Mattress and Bedding

Since the two purposes of the bedroom are sleep and sex, the mattress should support both partners needs without causing overheating. Some mattress types like memory foam tend to trap heat against the body while others like latex and specially designed foams allow for more breathability.

Bedding can also play an important role in your comfort. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen offer good breathability, so that heat and moisture don’t get trapped against the body. They also feel soft and comfortable against the skin.

Freeze the Sheets

Even cooling bedding can get hot in extreme temperatures. For an extra cold blast when getting in bed, remove the sheets and pillowcases and seal them in a plastic bag. Place them in the freezer for an hour or two before bed. At bedtime, the cool sheets feel comfortable while allowing the dip in body temperature needed to fall asleep quickly.