Window treatments are the unsung heroes of interior design, with the power to accentuate – or undermine – the architecture and decor of your space. While pre-made options abound, they rarely give the polished results that can be achieved by investing in custom window treatments. Just as off the rack fashion can’t compare to tailored couture, off the rack window treatments pale in comparison to custom draperies.

Are you considering adding custom draperies to your home? If so, don’t let sticker shock deter you! Below, we break down why custom draperies cost what they do, and what you’re actually getting.

Custom Drapery make a room look great
custom curtains can help a room look amazing

Designing Custom Solutions

There are quite a few steps when creating custom draperies, and each holds the potential to go awry if you don’t have adequate experience and training. Working with an experienced interior designer ensures you’re getting the best possible look, function, and value.

We measure your windows and design custom window treatments that will not only enhance the beauty of the room, but also fit your practical needs, whether that means blackout lining for your bedroom draperies, flexible light-filtering options for a sunny room, or privacy-enhancing window treatments for street-facing windows. Even uniquely shaped or located “problem” windows can become architectural assets with the right custom drapery solution.

Here you can see how we addressed a beautiful (and challenging) wall of windows with floor length panels and inside mount valances. Custom draperies give this space the sophisticated finish and formality it requires, without covering up the gorgeous architectural details that make it unique.

Fabricating Your Custom Draperies

As professionals, we not only have access to a plethora of fabric and trim choices, but also have the knowledge to understand which materials will stand the test of time and still look great in a decade. After all, if you’re investing in these window treatments, they need to be durable and beautiful enough that you’ll want to keep them for years to come.

These curtains look great because they match the decor of the room

Once the fabrics, trims, and hardware are ordered, we collaborate with our trusted drapery workroom to have them fabricated according to specifications. We oversee the process from start to finish, and that doesn’t end when the draperies are complete.

When you commission custom draperies from MJN & Associates, the cost also includes installation in your home. We have the process of installing window treatments down to a science, and if anything about the finished product is not right, we fix it.

When it comes to a major investment in your home’s design like window treatments, don’t leave the results up to chance. Our professional expertise takes the risk off you as a buyer and ensures that the process is stress-free, seamless, and yields the beautiful results you want for your home!

Give us a call to discuss your design needs and how we can help you bring out the full potential and personality of your home.