I would like to share with you a photo shoot of one of my client’s dining rooms that I just recently completed. Erin was good enough to find me a “before” picture. Despite the fact that the walls were neutral, she said it still felt dark and depressing to her. (This goes to show, that white walls don’t necessarily brighten up a room.) There were pretty plaid draperies that were going to stay, but we either repurposed everything else, or just got rid of it.

Erin’s grandmother’s furniture had been handed down to her and it had great sentimental value, but her concern was if it could be utilized, while still remaining true to “her style.” Together, we defined her style to be fun-loving and transitional.  Erin loves color, likes unexpected things, and appreciates a sense of whimsy. We decided on a bold red clay color for the walls that transitioned nicely with the rest of the house, worked beautifully with the existing draperies, as well as making the room warm and inviting.

Kass Wilson, faux artist extraordinaire, put together a color recipe within the limits of what Erin wanted to invest.  Instead of equal and predictable stripes, we decided to go with stripes of uneven size. This twist of a traditional treatment is more creative and unexpected.  The stripes were highlighted with a metallic gold that sparkled in the light. And the draperies now popped in the room.  The accent of the red clay color in the new wool rug acts a unifying element for the draperies and the walls.

A fabric was chosen to reupholster the chairs that blended effortlessly with the other elements. We updated the chandelier to a transitional bronze, which Kass highlighted in the same metallic gold she put on the wall. Erin’s set of existing pictures looked beautiful on either side of the window.  She loved the mirror she had found, so we went with a rich looking, but understated buffet lamp to balance the ornate mirror. The floral was custom made for Erin and featured naturals, orange lilies, and bright green mint leaves that highlighted colors in the draperies and wall.  Beautiful pheasant feathers complemented the brown in the rug.

The final piece for the room was a transitional piece of abstract art that reflected Erin’s fun loving side.  It helped bring Grandma’s furniture full circle into a updated, warm, inviting room that Erin loves.  Wouldn’t Grandma be proud? [slideshow id=14]