Color can have an enormous impact on the mood of a space. Some rooms are bold, bright, and energetic, while others are more subdued and relaxing. Using a color palette of mostly neutral hues is a great way to achieve the serene interior design you crave, but how can you avoid creating a boring beige box?

You won’t have to worry about creating a boring room if you follow this interior design strategy: a neutral room + bright art!

The neutral room plus bright art strategy can work beautifully with both traditional and contemporary homes. By keeping the furnishings, lighting, rugs, and other accessories fairly neutral, the colors of the art are able to really shine, giving them an almost jewel-like brilliance.

Black, natural wood, and earth-hued furniture and accessories allow this grouping of small paintings to take center stage, glowing with color against a gray wall.

One large piece of art can be equally effective. In the contemporary dining room above, the minimalist decor is attractive yet unobtrusive, allowing the bright colors of the painting to grab and hold your attention.

The key to making a predominantly neutral space work is to include a variety of materials, textures, and subtle variations. Here the iron and wood coffee table, jute rug, linen-upholstered loveseat, and sculptural vase with flowering branches all work to keep the eye moving and break up the space without hogging attention.

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