Have you ever tried to make your dreamed of making your room look like one of those in a magazine, but just didn’t know where to start? Ever buy furniture and it didn’t fit well in the room or with the other furnishings? Ever wonder how to choose fabrics that will go together? Are you looking for a way to put together a beautiful room on a budget? Resuming  this fall we will once again  be offering do-it-yourself classes for those that are just looking for a little guidance.

These classes will help you develop your own, all-important plan that will help prevent you from making expensive mistakes when designing your own space. It is intended for novices.  (If you’ve been to design school, or fancy yourself as an ace decorator this class is not for you.) Topics will include defining your style, basics of good design, “sizing up” your room, furniture placement, color theory, working with fabrics, and putting it all together.

Prior to the first class, students will be asked to look through magazines and find multiple pictures of rooms that they would feel comfortable in. The pictures will be the basis of discussion during the first class. Students will be taught the three things that make a room successful. Fundamental elements of good design, as well as the mistakes a lot of novices make, will be discussed.

In the second class, students will actually begin working on the room of their choice by placing furniture in a to-scale drawing. The design principles taught in the first class will emphasized.

Choosing colors and working with fabrics will be explored in the third class. Basic color theory will be introduced, as well as the importance of choosing appropriate fabrics. Students will learn tricks for coordinating fabrics. Finally, students will proceed on to how to select appropriate accessories that will pull the room together, as well as developing a plan to move forward.

There will be some out of class activities, but no grade.  Classes will meet 3 consecutive weeks for 2 hours.  Time and location will be determined based on those that respond.

Cost is $95 for all 3 classes. For more information or to sign up, call Michelle at 770 356 5814, or email Michelle@MJNInteriors.com.