This is the time of year when temperatures fall and we retreat into our homes. As the weather grows grayer and the colorful foliage fades away to bare trees, it’s time to make your home a beacon of warmth and comfort. At MJN & Associates Interiors, we know the secret to creating a cozy atmosphere in your home, and it’s easier than you think! Read on for some inspiration to help you feather your nest this autumn in preparation for the even colder winter months ahead.

Add texture with throw pillows and blankets

Swapping out your throw pillow covers is one of the easiest ways to transition your interior design for the changing seasons. Choose pillow covers and throw blankets in warm, tactile materials like velvet, faux fur, cashmere, chenille, wool, or flannel.

Highlight fireplaces and natural elements

If you have a fireplace, it’s time to flaunt it! Light a fire and incorporate the firewood into your decor by storing it in a rustic container, like the barrel shown above. This space is a beautiful example of mixing humble materials with elegant decor. Sumptuous upholstery and window treatments coexist with the various wood tones of the beamed ceiling, distressed mantel, and wooden furnishings that seem to have been collected over time. The unique twig chandelier adds further rustic charm, and the bowl of apples adds a pop of color and a nod to the harvest season.

Create comfort with spa bathroom luxuries

When it’s cold, wet, and dark outside, we all want to enjoy some creature comforts inside, so turn your bathroom into a spa escape. While you may not have the spa bathroom of your dreams just yet, you can still add the feeling of pampered luxury with simple, inexpensive touches. Place toiletries on an elegant tray or collect aromatic soaps in a pretty bowl. Roll and stack towels for the spa feel, and create mood lighting with candles or lanterns.

Extend the life of your outdoor spaces

If you have a nice porch or conversation area, think of ways to extend its use a little longer. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces make these spaces a fun place to cuddle up under thick blankets with some hot cocoa or mulled cider and share family stories. You may even want to invest in a patio heater if you use your outdoor spaces often for entertaining.

What are your favorite ways to cozy up for the fall and winter? We can help you add comfort and style to your home with a full range of interior design services, including custom pillows and other soft goods, window treatments and rugs to add that finishing touch to your space, and hand-picked accessories for seasonal style. Contact us today to discuss our Virginia Beach interior design offerings for your home!