af-table.jpgRecently, and throughout the summer on selected weekends, I am the “featured” interior designer at Arte Forma and Arte 2 in Norcross. (Dawson Blvd, right off I-85 near Jimmy Carter Blvd.) I am there to assist, and to answer questions for those clients who trying to make good decisions about furniture they are placing in their homes. As people come in shopping, I have noticed some things that “concern” me as an interior designer.  Most all of these folks come in, shopping for furniture, and have little to no idea of how large there room is, and how much wall space they might have in each room.  And here in lies the problem:  When you are in a 50,000 square foot showroom, a sofa or a table that looks great on their floor may overwhelm your living room or dining room once it arrives.  The table may fit, but will there be room for that buffet you want to get, or will you constantly be backing a chair into it?  Furniture is no small investment. Will you be making an expensive mistake?  My suggestion?  Before you go out furniture shopping, draw a small plan of your room.  Measure each wall and each opening, door, or window. Locate the fireplace or bookshelves if you have them. Make sure you go all the way around the room.  Measure the height of the ceiling. (This will help with the scale of the furniture.) Do you have pieces of furniture that you are keeping that go in the room?  Measure those too.  You don’t have to draw the room to scale, but draw it out with the measurements and put locations and sizes of where your furniture is now.  If you need assistance after that, you have all the information you need for a designer to help you. That way, when you find that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that you fall in love with, you can purchase it with confidence.  No expensive mistakes.

afshowroom.jpgBy the way, if you have not been into Arte Forma, check out their website. ( They have beautiful solid wood pieces and some unique finds.  They are running a consolidation sale through the end of August. Arte 2 has awesome clean-lined furniture and has numerous floor samples on sale.  See you there?