More and more, I am going in to homes that have rooms, usually living rooms, that appear out of proportion. The ceilings are high and the room is small.  I believe that the intent of the builder is to create an affluent and elegant look by making a room 2 stories high, but without the appropriate width and length, you can end up with a space that doesn’t  feel quite right.  If the ceiling in 18′ high and if at least one of the dimensions of the room, length and/or width, is not at least 18’, then the room appears out of scale.  When so much of the volume of the room is above you, way above you, the room just doesn’t feel comfortable.    Perhaps you have one of these rooms, and haven’t quite been able to figure out why the room is not as inviting as you would like.  One of the simplest options to address the cavernous space is to paint the ceiling a dark color.  Darker surfaces appear heavier, and give your ceiling “visual weight.”  It actually appears as if the ceiling is now lower. Consider this relatively inexpensive fix to make your room feel as if it is better proportioned and therefore more inviting and comfortable.