How would you describe your favorite spa? The best spas are peaceful, calming, elegant, and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. They create a sense of retreat from the outside world. Don’t those sound like great qualities to incorporate into your home design, especially in your master suite?

We recently shared our tips for creating a spa bedroom; now, take a look at our tips for spa bathroom design!

Lay the foundation for your spa bathroom

Luxury home design is trending towards spa-like walk-in showers, but whether or not you choose this option depends largely on your preferences and needs. Some homeowners are getting rid of their seldom-used bathtubs in order to create large showers with benches, alcoves, and specialty shower heads.

walk-in spa shower

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Other concerns in the planning stage should include sink layout and arrangement. Consider incorporating a dressing table or vanity for getting ready and putting on makeup. If you have a particularly large space for your bathroom remodel, you can even create a dressing room/bathroom combination with seating and display space for shoes and jewelry.

Selecting bathroom finishes and materials

The main design impact in a bathroom comes from the material selections. If you think about it, there’s not much more to a bathroom than the tile/wall treatments, flooring, and vanity area, so it’s important to make your choices count. Natural materials are best for achieving a spa-like atmosphere. Marble and stone tile are beautiful, timeless options, but you can also incorporate bamboo and other woods for an Asian feel, or pebble mosaics for a slightly rustic ambiance.

spa bathroom with marble shower

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natural inspiration spa bathroom with pebble floor

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Bathroom material selection can be fun, but it’s best to work with an experienced interior designer who can help you choose materials that are both beautiful and durable.

Spa bathroom fixtures

Think of the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom as the jewelry. They are the finishing touch that will emphasize your design theme. Simple, clean lines help emphasize spa design and create a relaxing atmosphere. Basin sinks can help create the sense of a luxury spa.

spa bathroom with simple basin sinks

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rain shower head for spa bathroom

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Especially if you choose a spa shower, the shower head should be carefully considered. There are so many fantastic spa shower heads on the market, including rain and waterfall varieties. Reflecting the growing trend toward integration of technology into home design, you can even get a shower head with integrated speaker!

To get started on your spa bathroom remodel, contact MJN & Associates Interiors today. We can assist you in creating your very own spa bathroom from start to finish.