No matter how well-decorated and designed a space may be, it’s undeniable that fresh flowers will make it even more lovely. Here at MJN & Associates Interiors, fresh flowers are one of our secret weapons to finish off a space with style.

You don’t have to create a sophisticated arrangement to enhance your home decor; sometimes a few blooms in a simple vase are all you need. This year, treat yourself to fresh flowers all the time by planting a cutting garden.


A large yard isn’t necessary to plant a cutting garden, and in fact, a small garden can be more fun and manageable. First, decide what you want to plant. In addition to personal preference, you’ll also need to take into account the amount of sun, soil drainage, etc. in the area. HGTV recommends choosing flowers that have three different shapes:

Linear (salvia, gladiolus, snapdragon) Add height to arrangement

Round (dahlia, lisianthus, zinnia, hydrangea) Used for focal points

Filler (goldenrod, forget-me-nots, Queen Anne’s lace, asters, limoneum) Pull everything together, creating harmony in the arrangement

To get the most out of your garden, choose flowers that last a long time. You may also want to grow some non-flowering plants for greenery, like hostas or ferns. Whether you plant in your yard or create a container garden on a deck or patio, your cutting garden will add beauty to your outdoor and indoor living spaces, so give it a shot!

What are your favorite flowers to use in your Atlanta or Gwinnett County home? Share your suggestions with us in the comments.

photos via Flickr: Arthur Chapman (left), Inga Munsinger Cotton (right)