Anyone can go into a furniture store and buy an entire “room” complete with furniture and accessories, yet in order to create a truly elegant home, it’s important to inject the space with a bit of personal style. Most people will probably have at least a few pieces of furniture that can be found in homes all over the country, but including unique and custom pieces will still make the room feel one-of-a-kind anyway.

One great way to personalize your home and getB exactly what you want is to order a custom rug. The rug is often chosen first in the design process, because it is usually the most limiting element in the room, and acts as a foundation for the rest of the design scheme. However, with custom rugs, we can work around your existing furnishings and match the rug to the room!

We have designed a number of custom rugs for our clients, and the best part is that they can fit any style, from simple and contemporary to ornate and traditional. This is also a great solution if you have a unique piece of furniture or another decor item that is hard to work with.

For example, the blue couch pictured below is such a vibrant, unique color that it would have been extremely hard to find a suitable rug to coordinate with it. Fortunately Principal Designer Michelle Nettles was able to design a custom rug that coordinated with the couch while also bringing in accent colors to create a unified look that really ties the room together.

If you are ready to improve your Atlanta-area home, contactB MJN & Associates Interiors today. We can provide a variety of interior design services to help you get the custom look you want for your home, from custom upholstery and window treatments to rugs and wall treatments.