[This is the continuation of a 2-part series. Click here to read Interior Design Trends to Keep in 2015: Part 1.]

Offbeat Neutrals


Gone are the days when “neutral” meant boring beiges, ivories, and whites. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with those hues, you don’t have to limit yourself when searching for neutrals to incorporate into your home decor. An ongoing trend in the interior design industry, interesting neutrals are starting to get their due, especially gray. When deployed skillfully, neutral blue, moss green, gray, greige, and even lavender can function as the neutral in your color palette. The key is choosing the right saturation and paying attention to how the undertones of the neutral hue relate to the other colors used in the space.



Metallic furnishings, fixtures, accessories, and even textiles remain popular. It’s no wonder, because adding even one metallic piece to a room can inject a bit of glamour or provide a nice textural contrast when used in more rustic spaces. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, and remember that brass is back– but softer, more muted.

Timeless decor


True, it does seem a bit oxymoronic to include timeless decor on a list of trends, but we are seeing a return to classic elegance in the interior design world. Traditional, or at least traditionally-inspired, interiors have a way of putting people at ease. The foundations are familiar, even if some of the design choices are a little more daring. You can achieve a timeless feel by choosing classic furniture styles, embracing traditional architectural elements, and using symmetry in the layout of the room. With this base of tradition, you can then accessories with bold colors or art to create a pleasing balance of old and new.

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