The recent High Point Market was, as usual, full of the latest products and interior design trends. Our president and principal designer Michelle Nettles always keeps an eye out for emerging trends, and this market was no different. She was able to snap plenty of photos to share her finds, so take a look at one of the ubiquitous trends we are seeing in interior design right now- reclaimed wood.

reclaimed wood furniture trend


reclaimed wood bedroom

Undoubtedly, part of the appeal of this furniture material is due to the environmental aspect. Green design continues to gain ground in the mainstream home design industry, and reclaimed wood fits the bill perfectly by keeping salvageable material out of the landfill.

However, there is more to this trend than just going green. Some vendors displayed interesting takes on the reclaimed finish, like this vignette featuring French-inspired furnishings. The silvery gray, aged finishes on the two left chests echo the washed wood trend of last year’s market, but the addition of script on the tall chest of drawers creates a bohemian Directoire vibe.

French inspired reclaimed wood

 More washed wood finishes in silvery gray and white.

gray furniture finish for French interior design

Other furnishings in this trend display a more rustic aesthetic. Bits of peeling paint add some color to these pieces.

rustic reclaimed wood sideboard


salvaged wood sideboard

reclaimed wood dresser with paint

What do you think of the trend towards reclaimed wood and rustic, aged finishes in furniture? Would you put any of these in your home?

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