Choosing an interior designer is an important task. After all, you are allowing this person to enter your home and make decisions, some of which can be quite expensive, about how to arrange and adorn the space. You’ll probably also be spending a lot of time around the designer you choose, so it’s crucial to find someone who is a good fit. Take a look at some helpful tips for choosing an interior designer.

  • Professional associations– Look for a designer with credentials to back up their portfolio. Michelle Nettles, principal designer of MJN & Associates Interiors, is the Vice President of Programs for the Atlanta Designers’ Network, as well as being an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

    Michelle Nettles

  • Budget– You’ll want to find a designer who is respectful of your budget and will make it go as far as possible. Discuss your budget upfront so as to avoid any confusion down the road.
  • Style– Designers usually have a signature style that they are known for. While each space should be tailored to the client’s wishes and personality, the designer’s aesthetic will show through as well, so it makes sense to choose someone whose work you like. Look at the designer’sB portfolio to see how well your styles mesh.

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information via theB Washington Post