While considerations of function and durability are always important, beach houses require some extra thought in this regard. Sand and saltwater will inevitably make their way inside from flip flops, bathing suits, and beach gear, so everything from flooring to furnishings should be chosen with that in mind. Fortunately, the types of flooring best able to deal with life at the beach are also perfectly suited to the coastal interior design aesthetic!

Coastal flooring options

Wood and tile floors are perfectly suited to coastal homes. Both are easy to sweep and damp-mop, so sand clean-up is a breeze. Tile is water-resistant and therefore a particularly smart choice, especially for mudrooms or other areas where people will be coming in from the beach or pool.


Wood is a key element of coastal style, so wood flooring is a good way to carry that natural element throughout the home. Flooring is a large part of the visual real estate in any space, so be sure that the flooring you choose is a reflection of the style you envision for the space. For instance, wide plank, hand-scraped flooring offers a rustic look perfect for casual beach cottages, while narrower boards in a sleek finish can work beautifully with contemporary or traditional furnishings.


Get creative when it comes to finishes. Pickled or limed oak work well in coastal interiors, echoing the muted tones of driftwood and complementing the light, cool color schemes that often grace these homes.


Large format tile is a great choice for coastal homes. Fewer grout lines mean less places for sand to hide, and there are many beautiful finishes available that echo the hues and textures of sand, stone, and even wood.


Tile is also a good way to inject a pop of color into your home. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The blue and green tile on these steps adds a lovely splash of color to the entryway, leading the eye to the blue door and echoing the same color under the eaves.

Ultimately, the best interior design marries form and function, creating beautiful environments that also respond to the needs of the occupants. With our in-depth knowledge of materials, space planning, and other practical concerns, interior designers are able to recommend the best products to achieve a home that is both stylish and durable. To learn more about our interior design services, contact MJN & Associates Interiors today.