In case you missed it, we’ve been sharing tips for creating a relaxing spa bedroom. Obviously the bed is of utmost importance to your spa bedroom design, and when it comes to bedding, we love matelassè.

Matelassè is a thick textile adorned with woven or stitched patterns. This stitching on the heavy fabric gives the impression of quilting or padding, even though there is no padding within the fabric. One reason we love matelassè for spa bedrooms is because it adds detail to crisp white bedding. The subtle patterns give depth to the overall interior design of the room, for a look that is simple, but not basic.

matelasse bedding for a spa bedroom

Alyssa Matelassé Coverlet & Shams, via Peacock Alley


Matelassè bedding is available in a variety of styles and colors, so whether your personal interior design style is more traditional or contemporary, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. A bit of subtle pattern in light, neutral tones adds just enough ornamentation to feel special, without distracting from your peaceful retreat.

tailored traditional matelasse shams

Vienna Tailored Matelassé Shams, via Peacock Alley


We love the scalloped edges of these shams because they add a feminine design element to the space without too much flounce. This look could be equally at home in a traditional bedroom or a contemporary space, though the chic example below makes a strong case for a combination of the two.

 matelasse bedding in contemporary bedroom

Giovanni Matelassé Coverlet & Shams, via Peacock Alley


For contemporary spaces, the first instinct of many homeowners is often to go straight to simple. Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between elegant simplicity and just plain boring, as evidenced by the prevalence of contemporary rooms that seem to lack personality. The trick is to stick to clean lines and a simple color palette without being bland. Including a subtle texture-which, if you’ll remember, is one of the strengths of matelassè-will help your room have a rich, layered feeling that can’t be achieved when everything in the room is uniform in both color and texture.

contemporary matelasse bedding for spa interior design

Porto Coverlet, via Peacock Alley


So which type of matelassè bedding best fits your style? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and to see more matelassè, visit Peacock Alley.

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