With each new season comes a new crop of trends. It’s good to keep up with what’s in style and be aware of changing trends in home design, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live there! Don’t let magazines and blogs tell you what your home should look like; use your personal style as a lens through which to interpret those ideas.

We’ve all seen dated interiors that were undoubtedly the height of fashion at some point (about 20 years ago). So how can you enjoy a stylish home without having to redecorate every time styles change? The answer is easy- stick to classics!

When it comes to finishes, materials, and large furnishings, go with tried-and-true choices that won’t date your home on sight. That exciting new flooring material may be hot now, but how much will you love it in 6 months? A year? What about ten?

Traditional furnishings, subdued walls, elegant lighting, and a classic rug get a dose of on-trend color and pattern through throw pillows. The pillows can easily be switched out to reflect current styles, while the rest of the decor is timeless.

If you stick to classic, elegant materials and foundational furnishings (like sofas, dining sets, etc), you can work in the trends you love without having to re-design your entire house. Incorporate the “it” color you love through pillows, table linens, a funky side table, or a bold rug. The same goes for statement-making materials like oversized-print wallpaper; use it in a small space like a powder room or an accent wall. If you get tired of it, you won’t have to re-wallpaper the entire house!

How do you walk the line between current trends and personal style? Whether you love understated elegance and traditional design or go for dramatic statements and a contemporary aesthetic, we can help you refine your personal style at MJN & Associates Interiors. Contact us today to discuss our interior design services for your Atlanta area home.

photo via Houzz