In case you missed it, we’re sharing some ideas for holiday decorating that fits your interior design style and personality. See Part 1 here.

Think outside the box (and the tree, and the mantel!)

For most people, decorating for the holidays really means putting up a tree and perhaps draping the mantel and banister in garland. But why stop there? Give your whole home a dose of holiday cheer by hanging ornaments from a chandelier or decking pendant light fixtures in berries and greenery. (Just be sure you’re not creating a fire hazard.)

You can even add holiday ambiance by taking advantage of the tops of cabinets or architectural features built into your home. Think about your favorite home features and then highlight them with your holiday decor.

One quick way to add festive style to your dining room is to slipcover and adorn your chairs. A satin ribbon in your interior’s accent color is a simple yet impactful way to bring the holiday spirit into the space.

Take it outside

And last but not least, don’t forget to take the Christmas spirit outside by decorating the exterior of your home! Even if you’re not up for lining your roof in lights or turning your yard into Santa’s personal airstrip, you can add festive style to your home with some strategic moves.

For instance, focus on the entry. Hang a wreath and if you have bare urns or flower pots, consider ways to give them some holiday sparkle.

Placing mistletoe balls where hanging baskets normally go in the warmer months is an ingenious solution. It’s charming, adds visual interest to the exterior of your home when normal plantings are dead or dormant for the winter, and better yet, it’s practical, using the existing hardware.

What are your favorite ways to personalize your holiday home decor? Leave us a comment with your answer!