The splendor and beauty of mirrored furniture was abundant this year at High Point Market and was found in various forms. Elegant and traditional…mirrors are clean, clear, and sparkly.

There were a few examples of contemporary pieces with graphic designs. Each piece will reflect the glow and warmth of the lighting in your room. Highlight that special room in your home by including a gorgeous mirrored chest or night stand.

Mirrors were even incorporated in weather worn furniture, another trend that has held on through a few markets…the driftwood look.

If you want to do just a little something to set a room apart, adding one of these stylistic mirrored tables will certainly do the trick.

Often, the look of gold can overpower a room. However, when you add antique golden detailing with moderation, it adds a sense of sophistication…

Gold also adds the feeling of warmth…

 Colored mirrors add their own sense of refinement…

Add style and glamour to your space with either of these graceful and artfully crafted mirrored pieces designed in classic styles.

Mirrored furniture is one of the trends that will be seen in the coming year. Mirrors were even incorporated in weather-worn furniture with the driftwood look – another trend that has held on through a few markets. The mirrored look is clear, sparkly and always makes a bold design statement whether you want your interior design to reflect a modern, rustic or classic look.

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