When you envision your dream home, what do you see? For some people, there’s nothing more relaxing than sleek and sexy minimalism, while for others, a French country vibe makes them feel right at home. Identifying the type of interior design style you respond to the most can help you clarify a jumble of likes and dislikes into a clear sense of personal style.

Today, we’ll be covering the three basic styles of Western interior design- Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary.

Traditional interior

Traditional- This style of interior design is firmly rooted in classic European decor, using antique or antique reproduction furnishings, deep to mid toned wood, textiles like damask, paisley and toile in rich, often jewel, colors, and architectural details like paneling, moulding and intricately carved ornamentation like acanthus leaves or reed-and-ribbon detailing.

Transitional interior

Transitional– A synthesis of the best of both worlds, at least according to proponents of the style, Transitional interiors are extremely popular today. Furnishings and decor are calming and clean-lined, often evoking traditional furniture shapes yet distilled down to a simpler form.

Contemporary interior

Contemporary– Not to be confused with Modern style (more on that later!), this look is all about spare, simple decor that is calm and soothing. Shapes are clean and unembellished, wood tones are either very dark or very light, and color schemes are usually neutral, with the occasional bright accent color. Chrome or other metal accents are commonly used, as well as glass and leather.

So, which of these styles do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!

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all photos via Houzz