In these times of economic woes, I have tried to come up with a unique solution for changing up custom window treatments to changing seasons or changing décor. This is one of the solutions I have created, with many options for changing the treatment based on mood or the season.  All of a sudden, you can get more “bang for your buck.”  In this example, I have taken a simple valance and changed it to completely different looks by attaching different add-ons.  The valance changes from simple to elegant, to cheerful and bright, just by removing and adding on a simple treatment.

I began with an neutral, but beautifully textured fabric and added a small amount of trim, so that the treatment could stand alone. The design I worked with was simple and lent itself to being embellished. Then I designed the overlays that that would work with the base. It wasn’t hard to come up with 4 different ones.  Where I could, I designed these to be reversible.  This involved the coordinating of fabrics.  I used black velvet for a more elegant look and a light color stripe for a warmer weather look. In all, I was able to develop 10 different looks from this one simple valance.  While that might be a little excessive for the typical homeowner, I wanted to show the possibilities.

So what are the advantages of this?
• You can create several different looks with a minimum expenditure.
• You can change your décor seasonally. Light and airy of spring and summer, and warm and heavy for the colder seasons. You can even include an overlay that’s a little bit more glitzey for the holidays and special occasions.
• You can change your entire look and color scheme with a minimal expense.
• You can change your existing look with specially designed add-ons.
• Have a cost prohibitive fabric that you really love?  Instead of doing the whole treatment in it, use it as an overlay.
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