The large scale of this painting fits well with the solid, weighty console beneath it, yet the subtle, muted color scheme keeps the arrangement from feeling too busy.

Have you ever been in a beautifully appointed room that still didn’t look quiteB finished? There’s one very important element that will give a room the personalized touch that it needs- great art!

There are many factors to take into account when choosing art for your Atlanta area home, from theB furnishings and color scheme to the overall design aesthetic, and of course most importantly, your personal taste. But even for the savviest of amateur designers, it can be a little overwhelming to choose just the right art to complete the room.

Here are a few tips from Apartment Therapy to help you choose the perfect art for your home.

  • Create an unexpected yet unified grouping. For instance, a gathering of paintings in different sizes, shapes and frames, but with a similar subject or theme.
  • Consider size carefully. The art you choose should work with the scale of the room as well as the design scheme. It’s also important to judge the visual weight of a piece. A large painting in muted colors that harmonize with the rest of the room may have the same visual weight as a much smaller, flamboyant piece with bright colors or graphic shapes.
  • Use art to accentuate or draw attention to an architectural feature.
  • Make an impact with contrast. An extremely quirky, contemporary room can look great with a traditional still life, while a more traditional interior might need the extra impact of a bold, modern piece of art to really shine.

If you need help choosing art for your home, contact us today! MJN & Associates Interiors, based in Gwinnett County, can help you choose art, select wall colors and even choose appropriate lighting to help show off your art to its greatest potential.