img_01562I just got back from a great time at the High Point Market. I had told a few clients about my trip and they were curious about what the High Point Market is and why would I go?  High Point, North Carolina, is the furniture and home furnishings capital of the world.  You might know that most of the domestic furniture is made in North Carolina.  Whether theirs is or not, vendors from all over the world come to High Point twice a year, spring and fall, for 6 days,  to show their goods; furniture, art, accessories etc., to buyers from furniture stores, gift shops and interior design firms.  The hope is that these stores and firms buy, and buy some more. “The Market” covers eighteen square blocks of downtown High Point and some of those eighteen blocks have multiple story buildings. And as an interior designer at “The Market”, well,  I felt like a kid in a candy shop.  There was no way I could possibly see everything there was to see.  So, I visited some of those places I already had accounts with to see what they had new and exciting that I could come back and share with my clients. I took pictures up close to show clients of items they were considering.  I also visited new places in the hopes of opening accounts so that I have more choices to offer my clients. And then there was just the educational aspect of finding out what was out there to use, so that I can keep up with all the possibilities to make my clients home updated, personal and unique. Wow. There was some amazing and innovative stuff.  One company showed everything they made, (armoires, tv cabinets, buffets,and more) with mosaic glass, sometimes in the form of mirrors, affixed to it. So creative! Another made beds and case pieces of reclaimed Brazilian hardwoods.  Beautiful! There were some of the coolest rugs I have ever seen.  One was made of zipper pulls.  I don’t know how practical it was, but it sure looked good and could look great in the right space. I saw so much I can’t remember it all.  And my feet? Well, even a kid who has stuffed himself on candy may be sick for a while, but chances are, they’ll be back in that candy store next chance they get.

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