Exterior of the Not So Big Showhouse on School Street in Libertyville, Illinois


Over the years, American home buying trends have seemed to follow the belief that “bigger is better.” But more recently, designers, architects, and homeowners themselves have started getting back to basics. One of the leaders in this movement is architect Sarah Susanka, whose philosophy of “the Not So Big House” has helped to redefine the American dream.

Susanka’s take on residential architecture and home design is the opposite of the “McMansion” housing mentality, where cheaply constructed homes are built as large as possible, yet lack character, quality and any understanding of sustainability. Her approach is to “build better, not bigger,” and is evidenced in her current project, School Street Homes. This Illinois development aims to create new homes that blend seamlessly with the neighborhood’s existing turn-of-the-century homes, featuring functional floor plans and classic architectural style that gives each home a sense of character.

At MJN & Associates Interiors, we really admire Susanka’s work and the Not So Big House philosophy and take pride in helping our clients make the most out of their existing spaces. In fact, we often find that our clients don’t need larger spaces, they just need smarter spaces. Our Dacula, Georgia based interior design firm can help you get the most out of your Atlanta area home, so call us today for help with your next home improvement project.

image via School Street Libertyville