Fresh flowers are a great way to add color and life to your space. Principal designer Michelle Nettles uses them often in her interiors and considers them one of the best accessories for any room. It’s fairly easy to grow your own cutting flowers from bulbs here in Georgia, making it easy and convenient to bring fresh flowers into your home come spring.

Now that fall weather is finally setting in here in Atlanta, it’s time to start thinking about planting your bulbs! According to “The Georgia Gardener,” Walter Reeves, late October is the best time to plant spring-flowering bulbs, but you can plant them as late as December.


Reeves recommends waiting to plant your tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, irises and the like until “night temperatures are consistently below 60 degrees. At that time the soil is warm enough to stimulate root growth but you wonbt get much foliage growth.” Visit The Georgia Gardener to find plenty of helpful information on growing bulbs in your garden.

Another good source of information on bulbs is the University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences website, where you’ll find Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardens. This informative article will teach you everything you need to know and more about growing bulbs, from selection and soil preparation to care and insect control.


If you do choose to plant bulbs this fall, you’ll be glad! By spring they will yield beautiful flowers that you can use to bring a bit of natural beauty indoors. Stay tuned to the MJN & Associates Interiors blog for more tips and ideas to help you transform your home.

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