What does it mean to create a harmonious interior? Let’s take a look at the definition of “harmony” according to Merriam Webster.

ˈhär-mə-nē  “pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”

For most people, harmony is one of the main goals when creating a home, whether with the help of a professional interior designer or on one’s own. We all want our houses to be tranquil, relaxing havens, respites from the stressful, hectic world outside. Having a harmonious interior doesn’t mean you can’t have drama, contrast, or juxtaposition in your home; it simply means that the decor you choose should tell a cohesive story, instead of being merely a collection of disparate elements.

There are a number of ways to create harmony, so keep these principles in mind when you are choosing lighting and accessories for your home.

  • Scale– Consider the dimensions of a room before choosing the furnishings and accessories. A grand living room with soaring ceilings can handle large-scaled furniture and art, as well as solid, bulky shapes; an intimate sitting room calls for more diminutive pieces in graceful silhouettes that keep the room feeling lighter and more open. It’s also important to think about the scale of various pieces that will interact. For instance, a small nightstand with an oversized lamp is going to feel cramped and look awkward.
  • Mood– What mood are you conveying? Whether it is playful, serene, or sophisticated, everything you bring into the space should fit that mood (Though some items are neutral enough to fit in many types of spaces.) For instance, if you are trying to create an elegant, traditional dining room, a bold, modern painting may not fit the atmosphere.
  • Colors– Staying in one color family can definitely help keep things harmonious. Think blues and grays together, earth tones and neutrals, or warm colors like red, gold, and orange. Sensational Color has some great information to help you create harmonious color schemes.

And of course, the best way to achieve the harmony you crave in your Gwinnett County home is to enlist the help of a professional interior designer! Contact MJN & Associates Interiors today to find out more about our interior design services and learn how we can help you improve your home in Duluth or elsewhere in the greater Atlanta area.