paintsMichelle, Why do I have such a hard time picking out  a paint color?…There are many reasons a color may not appear as it does in the paint store or paint fan.  First, a color will change based on the direction of light (from the north, south, east or west), as well as  amount of light that hits it. If you look at your walls at different times of day, you see a change in the appearance of the wall.   An incandescent bulb will make a color look different than a fluorescent bulb.  Another thing that will cause a change are the surrounding colors.  The reflection of those colors actually has an effect on the color of the walls you see.  And believe or not, the light that comes in your home in Atlanta is different light than light in Hawaii or other locations,  and it will make your paint colors appear different.

So what do I suggest?  Before painting any room, buy a sample of the color you are considering.  Paint a section, preferably right up next to the trim and perhaps into a corner. Paint as large a section as you can so that you can block out the surrounding, original color.  Look at it at different times of the day.  Compare it with the fabrics you are planning on using.   If you like it after 24 hours in natural light as well as artificial light, you are probably safe.