The finishing touches on any room are the accessories. If you are redoing a room, these are the things that should be chosen last, although a favorite accessory may sometimes be an inspiration for a room. There should be a harmony that exists between the style of the accessories and the rest of the room. For example, you would not want to put an ornate gold leaf mirror in a room where you have a denim slip cover on your sofa.

Size, scale and proportion are important things to keep in mind. Too many little accessories appear as clutter. Your best impact will come with sizeable items.  Just make sure to keep them in scale and proportion. For example, the diameter of the shade of your lamp should not bigger that the table you put it on, or that the mirror or art you hang on the wall should not be wider than the table underneath it.

Use restraint when placing accessories. Remember, less is more. But as you decide to accessorize consider some of my favorites:
• Statement Art- A perfect inspiration for a room that can also serve as a focal point.
• Pillows- They are the perfect way to accent and “pull” color around the room.  They can often “carry” the color scheme.
• Plants/Floral arrangements– They bring an organic element in.  They will go in just about any style room.
• Throws– They add color and are functional too.
• Personal Pictures- (photographs)- Limit the number and  place in frames that are in harmony with the room.  Formal pictures look better in formal rooms, casual pictures in casual rooms.
Large Ceramic Jars– Add color, texture, pattern, depending on style of jar.

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