I’ve been busy with the photo shoots and have another transformation to share with you. This was a new home that was rather “vanilla” when my clients moved in. They had their beautiful new Stickley furniture that they had gotten recently to coordinate with some older Stickley corner cabinets that had been lovingly cared for and handed down from mother to son.  The client wanted a room that would highlight her beautiful china, but would also flow with the rest of the home. The china had a beautiful sky blue color, and since there was a touch already in the living room that I could bring out later, we decided that it would be a major hue in the dining room.  The gorgeous warm orange undertones of the wood would be played up through the use of copper metallic on the walls.

Faux artist extraordinaire, Kass Wilson, was again able to work her magic. She incorporated the sky blue with its green undertones, and played it well into the aging copper look. A custom rug was created that had the simple lines of the Arts and Crafts styling of the furniture with a simple embellishment at each end for interest. The draperies were the blue-green silk with an embroidered swirl motif repeated in the lamps. The drapery swag was in plaid that was used for the drapery panels in the adjacent study.

The “jewelry” was added to the room through the use of a custom table and buffet runner made of coordinating silks.  And the room was finished off by a beautiful custom arrangement that accented both the warm coppers and the cool blues and greens.  And now when my clients entertain everything will be pulled together, from the walls all the way down to the china.

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