I have had the discussion with a number of my clients recently on a beautiful way to treat their windows for privacy, which is an alternative to the tired and over used white wood blinds. If you have a view and want to make the best of it, want an expanse of light, and/or really don’t like looking through the slats of wood blinds, you have to raise them. Unless your window is very small, you will need to get out your gloves to lift the weight of a wood blind without getting rope burn.  Their stack back is very large and often blocks much of the view and light that is being sought.

If you like seeing outdoors and having lots of natural light in your space, yet still need the privacy, consider this clean look alternative:  Top down bottom up shades. Top down bottom up shades can give you the privacy you require and still allow you to see out and let natural light in.  They operate like a traditional shade or blind, where you can raise the bottom up and stack it at the top for maximizing light and your view.  If you do a honeycomb or pleated shade, the stack back is very small and can easily be hidden under a valance.

The beauty, and the real advantage in my mind, is that the top can lower to give you privacy, but still let in a lot of light and let you see out with an unobstructed view. These shades can come in a wide variety of materials from translucent, pleated or honeycombed shades, to natural shades, to shades with complete light blackout.  There’s a shade for every room and mood. They can look beautiful alone, or with draperies. I have a number of alternatives that I can offer to suit just about any need or look that you want to achieve.  Please call if I can help you further lighten and brighten your windows. [slideshow id=19]