Remodeling is always a design challenge, but the myriad decisions involved can seem even more stressful if you own a historic home. While you may have no problem tearing out a wall here, replacing a window there, adding an addition, or changing an entryway in a home of more recent construction, those decisions seem much more agonizing when you’re altering a building that has stood the test of time for 50 or 100 years.

Traditional Exterior– A monochromatic paint job lends this Victorian home a cool, contemporary vibe.


It’s always disappointing to see that one home in an otherwise beautiful neighborhood that stands out, and not in a good way. In order to avoid being the odd man out on your street, take a walk through your neighborhood. Notice the updates your neighbors have made. Which ones are successful, and which are not? Keep in mind the history and character of the neighborhood. Working within the color palette and materials most often found in the area will help your home feel connected and help the neighborhood retain a sense of cohesion.

historic house with colorful doorvia Pinterest


When it comes to interior design, educate yourself about the history of the area, the dominant architectural styles, and of course, observe your neighbors’ homes when you are invited over. Home design tours are another great way to see how other people in your area decorate their homes, and you’re sure to get inspired for your own interior design. Many cities also have architectural walking tours that can help you get a better feel for the neighborhood aesthetic.


Of course, you can still add your own personal, contemporary touches while respecting the character of your historic home. A bold door color or landscaping choice can look fantastic, as long as it still relates to the architecture and history of the home in some way. By working with an experienced design team, you will be able to preserve the integrity of your historic home while updating it for contemporary life.

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