iStock_000000433879XSmallQuestion:  You decorated your mantel when you moved into your house.  How many times have you changed your mantel décor since you’ve moved in? If you can say 3-4 times a year or more, good for you.  If not, why not consider redressing the first thing people see when they walk in the room?

Decorating your mantel is a great way to personalize your room.  Change it with the seasons.  Does that mean you have to buy a bunch of new accessories?  Not at all.  Use flowers, twigs and greenery from your yard and items you already have.  Try to keep the objects unified, or themed in some way. If the theme, for example is autumn, consider using some of your brown, orange, golden or burgundy colored pottery grouped together.  Put a beautiful copper plate on a plate stand. Fill a vase with stems of brightly colored leaves.  If you have a cylinder type vase, consider stacking apples, red or green, in it. Take that picture from your recent trip to the mountains to see the autumn foliage, put it in a small frame and lean it against the wall.  Hopefully, you get the idea. And your theme does not have to be a season. Think what you could do if you made the theme “my vacation.” Just make sure there is a “thread” that tie it all together.

Place objects so they are balanced in visual weight and varied in height. One large object might balance with three smaller ones. When you place objects, groupings of odd numbers are best.  Remember, often times in decorating, less is more, so use restraint. Use your imagination and have fun!  If you make a change, I would love to see your before and after pictures and know that you were inspired!