This year, I spent two days this year at the IWCE. My pictures, below, might tell most of the story.  The thing that I found most impressive was the beautiful new hardware.  With poles and drapery panels becoming ever more popular, there can often be expanses of just pole.  Creative vendors have found ways to break up that expanse with unique embellishments. Also, hard cornices with contemporary styling, blends the old idea with new updates. Some even have inlays of stamped tin, reminiscent of old ceilings.  Soft valances are still popular and yes, when you think that everything has been done, and you’ve seen everything, they come up with new designs.  Natural shades are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to ordinary white wood blinds. Try using the top-down, bottom-up style to give you both privacy and light.

And to deal with the changing economy, how about interchangeable or reversible window treatments that can give you versatility and many different looks? Although there are issues to take into consideration, it’s a great way to stretch your dollar, if you like to change things up every once in a while. Overlays, bells, and embellishments can be added or changed around for different looks to go with the seasons, holidays, or just your mood.

It was an exciting two days and I’m filled with new ideas and creative energy. I hope you enjoy the slide show and yes, that is a picture of Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels fame.

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