Are you ready to wave goodbye to 2014- and maybe a few of the design trends that came with it? While there are fresh new trends on the horizon for 2015, some of this year’s trends were so good that they’ll be sticking around for quite a while to come. Take a look at some of the here-to-stay design concepts that will carry over into the new year according to House Beautiful.



Blue is a mainstay in the design world, and it’s easy to see why. From pale, soothing hues to bright, bold shades that make a dramatic statement, blue is a relaxing, reinvigorating color that people simply enjoy. As a dominant color, it is especially suited for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other spaces meant to be calming and serene. It also makes for a nice balance when combined with warmer hues like persimmon, rust, ruby red, gold, and red violet.

Neutral + accent


Changing your decor with the seasons can add a new dimension to your home, making it more comfortable and welcoming. On top of that, sometimes you just want a change! If you want more flexibility in your home decor, a neutral foundation is the way to go. The formula of neutral finishes and furnishings (wall color, sofa, rug, etc.) plus colorful accents (throw pillows, accessories, art, ottoman or pouf, etc.) makes for versatile interiors that can evolve with your tastes, mood, and the seasons.

Check back for Part 2 to see more trends to keep in 2015.

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate your home and make changes. Whether you’re ready to jump into a major remodeling project or just want to change things up with a few strategic tweaks like custom rugs and drapery, our Virginia Beach interior design firm can help. Contact MJN & Associates Interiors today to discuss your project.