Mid-century modern design is exactly as the name suggests, an architectural, industrial, and interior design style popular during the mid-20th century. Think 1950’s ranch or split level homes with flat, shed, or low gabled roofs, geometric entry dividers, wood paneling, and pastel-hued bathroom tile with gold sparkle formica counters. Some aspects of mid-century style may be dated, especially when facing a whole house full of this throwback aesthetic. However, there is a lot to love about this classic interior design style, and many reasons to preserve at least part of the character of the mid-century gems one can still find here in the Hampton Roads area in the course of your remodeling project.

Sherwood green appliances and “Mamie pink” bathrooms aside, mid-century homes are actually quite well-suited to homeowners who love minimalist elegance. Sleek, simple lines, a focus on natural materials, open floor plans, and large windows fit perfectly with contemporary design tastes. The floor-to-ceiling windows found in many of these homes give them an airy, spacious feeling and bridge the space between indoors and out. In fact, outdoor living spaces are almost as important as indoor living spaces in mid-century design, which fits well with the priorities of modern-day homeowners.

Other attractive features found in mid-century modern homes include:

  • Exposed beam ceilings
  • Natural wood and stone
  • Brick
  • Courtyards
  • Water features
  • Built-in planters, both inside and out

Of course, appreciating mid-century design and living with it are two different things entirely. Is it possible to stay true to the architectural character of a home while still updating it to reflect your modern lifestyle and personal taste? We think so!

In our next post, we’ll share some inspiration for updating midcentury homes, preserving the best of the old while injecting enough of the new to make it feel just right. If you are seeking a Hampton Roads interior designer to help you remodel and update an older home, MJN & Associates Interiors can help! Just give us a call today at 770.356.5814 or contact us online to set up your design consultation.