Coastal design can take a number of forms, but one of the most popular is the nautical look. This coastal interior design style is a classic, and for good reason. It’s incredibly versatile, lending itself well to homes both formal and casual, traditional and contemporary. To get inspired and learn how to implement nautical design ideas in your home, take a look at some examples of different variations on the theme.

Traditional with a Twist

This living room is rooted in traditional style, but the light, breezy vibe, limited color palette, and inclusion of graphic elements helps to bring it into the present. There are plenty of classic nautical design elements on display here, including:

  • Natural fibers
  • Crisp blue and white color scheme with red accents
  • Neutrals- tan, white, brown
  • Dark wood furnishings
  • Star motif
  • Rustic wood accents
  • Maps

Contemporary Nautical

This contemporary take on the idea features another great nautical design element- cabana stripes. This living room also features blue and white with dark wood, but the aesthetic is more pared down, allowing the stunning view to take center stage.

Bold Eclectic

Isn’t it amazing how this foyer contains many of the same elements as the first example, but feels so much different? The blue and white color scheme is still here, along with red accents and framed maps; the classic cabana stripes have been supersized for a dramatic statement; the natural elements are even on display in the rope-like woven light fixture shade and the dark wood console. Gold accents drive home the naval inspiration, yet the space doesn’t contain a single star, anchor, or sailboat.

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